Emergency Water Removal In Mission, KS

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Water Damage Restoration In Mission, KS

Water damage from any cause can lead to expensive property damage. The longer you wait to act, the more damage it can do. As soon as you spot water damage in your property, act immediately—call Power Dry. 


Our team knows how devastating water damage can be and acts promptly to help limit the damage. Don’t delay reaching out for restoration services in Mission, KS. Our certified restoration technicians are prepared to help clean up the mess and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. 

As soon as you call, our team will be on the way. Upon arrival, they’ll begin assessing the damage and using special tools and equipment to get the job done. 

Residents and businesses in Mission, KS can rely on Power Dry for all their water damage restoration needs. Contact us any time, any day to get started.

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Common Causes of Carpet Water Damage

Wet carpets aren’t just unpleasant to walk on—they can be signs of potential flooding issues. But what is causing your carpet to be soaked? It could be one of the following reasons below. 

After noticing water damage to your carpeting or floors, contact our technicians. Using advanced moisture-extracting equipment, they’ll ensure no amount of water is left behind to cause further damage. 

Our team uses nondestructive methods to ensure your personal items aren’t affected by mold or other microbes. If you do spot mold, mildew, or water damage, call Power Dry.

Negative Effects Of Water Damage in Your Home

Several parts of your home or business can be impacted by water damage. Everything from the floors and walls to your most prized possessions can be ruined by water damage.

Devalued Property

Water damage is not something that can be swept under the rug. It’s relatively easy to spot cracks in walls or the foundation as well as mold growth or water stains. This can make selling your property for the value you want increasingly more difficult. 

Structural Damage

Have you spotted cracks in your foundation or walls? While they may seem small or insignificant, they are structural hazards. The longer you fail to address them, the more potentially destructive the outcome could be. Get in touch with a foundation specialist to assess your property’s risk. 

Damaged Personal Items

Your property is likely full of personal items that would not fare well during a flooding accident. Books, photos, important documentation, and more are all susceptible to excessive moisture. Allow our experienced water damage technicians to handle your personal items to help ensure they are not damaged further. 

Electrical Damage

When water comes into contact with a power outlet or electrical appliance the results could be catastrophic. If you see the water getting near outlets or appliances, shut off power to those areas. Tell all others in the home to stay clear of standing water that’s near power sources. 

Avoid contact with the following electrical components:

  • Wiring
  • Outlets
  • Electrical boxes (other than to turn off the power)

You may also want to avoid the following appliances

  • Washing machines
  • Hot water tanks
  • Dryers
  • Low-mounted electrical outlets
  • Kitchen appliances

Wall Drying Services

Moisture and extensive indoor humidity can lead to damp floors, walls, and cabinetry. Take water damage on your walls and other areas seriously. If left unchecked, this could easily lead to mold and mildew growth. Both mold and mildew can impact your air quality and safety. 

As soon as you notice water-damaged walls, call our team. Upon arrival, we’ll begin our standard process of drying water-saturated walls:

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