Wall Drying

Not all walls are the same, which makes drying wet walls challenging. If dried improperly, mold can grow undetected behind the sheetrock. Fortunately, Power Dry has effective and thorough methods to extract moisture correctly. 

When pipes in your home or business break, contact the team of technicians at Power Dry for immediate and timely removal. We’re a reputable water damage restoration company with experience reviving properties after water accidents happen.

Our Wet Wall Drying Process

For 40 years, we’ve provided wet wall drying that Kansas City homeowners trust. Power Dry specializes in residential and commercial water damage restoration. We’re the go-to company for wet wall drying projects large and small. 

Step 1:
Locate and mark wet areas on walls

After the source has stopped leaking water, we’ll identify affected areas to target.

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

Step 2:
Dislodge molding and baseboards

That step is followed by removing baseboards and moldings in every room impacted by water.

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

Step 3:
Remove wet insulation

Moist insulation can present a health risk. To eliminate the possibility of mold, bacteria, and other pathogens, we’ll remove all wet insulation.

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

Step 4:
Install state-of-the-art drying equipment

Next, technicians will also use heavy-duty fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment to help remove moisture from the walls and air. 

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

Step 5:
Use a meter to monitor moisture

Power Dry professionals use tools like moisture meters and infrared imaging devices. This technology ensures the walls are completely dry. 

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry
Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

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What Are the Signs of Drywall Water Damage?

From spots of discoloration to cracked paint, there are several signs of water-damaged walls:

Signs of Drywall Water Damage
Water Stains 

Yellow-brown stains normally mean a slow or inconsistent leak. These stains normally radiate out from a central point, with the darkest area in the center.


Walls may look darker, but they can be lighter depending on the paint color.

Peeling Wallpaper

Over time, water will cause paint or wallpaper to chip, flake, or peel.


Ballooning wallpaper or paint happens when the water soaks through from behind the drywall.

Sagging or Crumbling Walls

Larger amounts of water will cause walls to sag, buckle or even crumble. In most cases, replacing the drywall is the only option.

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Wall Drying FAQs

What To Do if My Drywall Gets Wet?

If your drywall is exposed to water, don’t wait to reach out to a professional restoration company. Power Dry will assess the damage, remove wet insulation and install state-of-the-art drying equipment. 

Should You Replace Drywall If It Gets Wet?

When dry, drywall is a durable and adaptable material for the interior of your home or business. However, drywall becomes a flimsy, unstable mess when doused with moisture, leading to stains and rotting. 
When an accident happens, don’t wait to get help from a professional.  At the first sign of water damage,  schedule an appointment for a free evaluation. 

How Long Does It Take to Dry Damp Drywall?

Once we’ve cleaned everything and set up drying equipment, be patient. Fans and dehumidifiers may need to run for up to 3 days. Our technicians will come and check the drying process and remove equipment when everything is dry.  

Can Wet Drywall Be Dangerous?

Yes. Water-damaged drywall (soggy ceilings and swollen walls) can compromise building structure, a safety concern for all building occupants. 
When you discover water-saturated drywall, contact a professional for water damage services. 

What Happens When Water Gets in Your Walls?

Water that seeps into your framing, insulation, and drywall can lead to serious issues, including mold, rotting wood, and corrosion. Additionally, water in your walls can lead to electrical damage and potentially cause a fire. If water has infiltrated your walls, give us a call.

Does Power Dry Service Properties at Night?

Power Dry technicians pride themselves on being available for life’s unexpected water damages.  If you have residential or commercial water damage, give us a call. Our water damage specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

How Long Does the Wall Drying Water Restoration Process Take?

Our licensed professionals use advanced technology to streamline the water restoration process. The timeline does, however, depend on the severity of the water damage. Contact us today for a free consultation and an accurate timeline.

Is it Safe to Live In a House With Water Damage?

Staying in a house with severe water damage from a natural disaster can be dangerous. After excessive water damage, mold and mildew can grow within 48 hours. Call us for quick water restoration so that you can prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

When Should You Hire a Professional Water Damage Company?

Dealing with water damage issues can be daunting. Contact a professional service like Power Dry to do the job for you. Our team of experts has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

Power Dry Water Removal Services

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