2021 Courses at POWER DRY
Now for Kansas and Missouri Licensees
Registration Info Coming Soon.

PowerDry Classroom Location: 14808 W 114th Terrace, Lenexa KS 66215

Thursday, 7/22/2021 @ PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00-12:00 Health Care Today (3 hours L/H) KS#963287LHV
Thursday, 8/19/2021 PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00- 12:00 BOP Liability Coverages (3 hours P/C) KS#973308PC
1:00-2:00 Ethics in Life (1-hour Ethics) KS#963278ETH
Thursday, 9/16/2021 PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00-11:00 Insuring More Than Just the Business (2 hours L/H) KS#972631LHV
11:00-12:00 Insuring Quality & Ethical Conduct (1-hour Ethics) KS#979346ETH
Thursday, 10/21/2021 PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00-12:00 Identity Theft (3 hours General) KS#976526GEN
*Tuesday, 11/16/2021 PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00-10:00 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care (1-hour ETH) KS#991448 ET
10:00-11:00 Ethics & the Health Care Provider (1-hour ETH) KS#991449 ET
Thursday, 12/16/2021 PowerDry CLASSROOM
9:00-11:00 Auto A, B, C’s (2 hours P/C) KS#963294PC

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