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Since 1988, Power Dry has been Kansas City’s premier water removal and drying service company. Whether water in your home comes from excessive rain, flooding, a burst pipe or sewage backup, we can clean up the mess, remove all moisture and prevent serious long-term damage to your home. After water gets into your home, it’s important to ensure that you act quickly. Dangerous mold and bacteria can begin replicating within hours. Water can seep into drywall and warp wood. The longer you wait to deal with water inside the home, the higher your chances of having do deal with more extensive damage.

We offer clean up of fresh water, rain water and sewage. Our services include drying of carpet, hardwood flooring, cabinets and walls. When necessary, we can remove and dispose of contaminated carpet and other materials to help protect your safety and your home. We use state of the art equipment to ensure that all unwanted moisture is removed from your home to ensure that you do not suffer any additional water damage. We stay up on the latest innovations so that our customers are always being offered the very best water removal services available. Our courteous and highly trained staff arrives quickly when called, in clean uniforms and marked vehicles. We listen to your needs and wish to ensure that every customer feels fully satisfied with the job that we do.

14808 W 114th Terr.
Lenexa, KS 66215

The Water Clean Up Kansas City Trusts

We are available any day, any time. If you need emergency water removal in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, there is no time to waste. Contact us immediately, day or night. We will come out to perform a free assessment and to provide you with a written estimate for your water clean up.