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There’s nothing worse than coming home from B&B Harrisonville Cineplex to discover your washing machine has made your living space a lazy river. Ensure your Harrisonville residence is properly repaired from flood damage or appliance overflows with the capable team at Power Dry. 

If not handled quickly, indoor moisture can create intense humidity and wreak havoc on your comfort, air quality, and safety. Not to mention, damp floors, walls, and furniture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew—gross. Don’t stress about your property’s water damage. When unforeseen situations occur, let our team provide the professional service you need. 

Power Dry provides residential and commercial properties throughout Harrisonville with industry-leading processes that minimize damage and expedite your home’s renovation. We’re here to help you navigate some of the most stressful and nerve-racking moments of homeownership. 

Common Causes of Carpet Water Damage

Despite our best efforts to prevent it from happening, water damage happens at the worst possible times. Listed below, we’ve outlined the most common reasons why your home may experience flooding or severe indoor water damage. 

Utilizing the most advanced tools in the industry, our water removal specialists extract residual moisture from carpet, fabric, and furniture. Our non-destructive methods preserve the quality of your most precious items and prevent the possibility of mold, mildew, and other harmful microbes from developing and spreading throughout your home. 

Don’t let untimely emergencies impact your day-to-day. As soon as you discover water damage in your home or business, contact professional water removal specialists immediately. Get in touch with certified and trustworthy technicians at Power Dry. 

Wall Drying Services

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

If not addressed immediately, indoor humidity can wreak havoc on your comfort, air quality, and safety. Damp floors, walls, and cabinetry can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Ensure your residence is properly repaired from flood damage, sewage backup, or appliance overflows with Power Dry Wall Drying Services.  

When your walls are damaged by water, we’re proactive and efficient. Below we’ve listed the standard process of drying water-saturated walls:

  1. Stop the water flow
  2. Remove electronics/decor
  3. Dislodge molding and baseboards
  4. Remove insulation and wallboards
  5. Start ventilation
  6. Use a meter to monitor moisture

Power Dry techs utilize elite technology, including industrial vacuums, fans, and cleaning solutions to revive your property to its pre-damage condition. Contact a reliable and honest water restoration company to revive your home or business. Our water damage restoration specialists are prompt, communicative, and compassionate.

Why Harrisonville Residents Choose Power Dry

When emergencies happen, contact a water damage restoration company that provides exceptional and efficient services. Our certified technicians prioritize your health and safety and use advanced technology to remove potentially hazardous water from every surface of your home. Power Dry is a reputable business that has lasted generations because We Turn Chaos Into Calm™. 

Harrisonville Water Removal Services

Our qualified team utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an extensive range of water damage restoration and repair services for every solution you need after a water damage emergency.

Here are the main services you can currently find at our Harrisonville company:

Carpet Drying Kansas City - Power Dry

Carpet Drying

Our team utilizes powerful extraction equipment to effectively eliminate all traces of water that have caused damage and contamination to your carpets. We ensure thorough moisture extraction and also clean and sanitize your carpet to restore it to a dry, hygienic state, which reduces the risk of mold, mildew, and other unhealthy outcomes. rainwater

Sewage CleanUp Kansas City - Power Dry

Sewage Clean-Up

Sewage water damage can be highly distressing and pose the risk of serious health consequences, but the team at Power Dry will act quickly to remove all water and contaminated materials. We will remove, sanitize, and completely dry all damaged carpets and carpet pads to restore them to their original condition, and we will also disinfect all other affected areas of your property.

Wall Drying Service Kansas City - Power Dry

Wall Drying

By installing premium dryers to eliminate moisture within your walls, we will prevent the development of mold, mildew, and further damage to your property. Prompt drying will help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Hardwood Drying Kansas City - Power Dry

Hardwood Drying

The team at Power Dry uses industry-leading moisture extraction technology to restore your valuable hardwood floors. Eliminating all moisture will avoid problems like warping, buckling, and rotting and ensure the longevity of your hardwood floors.

Drying Water Damaged Cabinetry

Cabinet Drying

Water damage can seep into the corners of cabinets and the area beneath them, and timely moisture extraction is necessary to avoid the growth of mold and mildew and prevent damage to wood and particle board. Rest assured that every inch of your property affected by water damage will be completely dried and restored to its original condition.

black mold - powerdry

Mold Remediation

Mold can begin to grow just 24-48 hours after a water damage emergency and can cause significant health issues for people and pets. The mold remediation specialists at Power Dry will put your health first by performing a comprehensive evaluation to determine all areas of your property affected by mold, clean mold spores from the air, and then carefully clean and sanitize all surfaces.

Schedule Your Free Estimate at Power Dry

If you have experienced a water damage emergency, the best thing to do is take immediate action and contact a reliable water damage and restoration and repair company. Power Dry is ready to serve residents in the Harrisonville, MO, area.

Don’t hesitate to contact Power Dry if you are in need of carpet drying, sewage cleanup, wall drying, hardwood drying, cabinet drying, or mold removal and remediation to bring your property back to normal. We are available 24/7 and provide a free estimate for our services.

What Our Water Damage Customers Are Saying...

Deb K
Deb K
Gardener, KS
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This is the team to get when you have water damage! They showed up within an hour of initial call to analyze and provide plan. They immediately started service after our approval. Every day they called and checked on the drying equipment they set up. They even called Saturday to see if they could stop in on Sunday! Amazing! If you need water removal, this place should be your professionals!
Sharla S
Sharla S
Kansas City
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Power Dry came out within an hour after me calling (it was not an emergency) and provided excellent service. I was very impressed with their professionalism. Highly recommend!
David L.
David L.
Olathe, KS
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I just had a great experience with Power Dry! Their response time was incredibly fast! The work was completed much faster than I expected. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and friendly. The price for their services was more than fair. The quality of their work is great! I highly recommend using Power Dry.
Pat C
Pat C
Kansas City
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Very professional and kind during a stressful time for our family. I hope we don’t need to use their services again, but if we do we will not hesitate to have them help us out again.