Emergency Water Removal in Plattsburg, MO

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Water Damage Restoration in Plattsburg, MO

Unpleasant surprises, like water-damaged buildings, cause more than inconveniences. They harm the building’s structural integrity and create potential health hazards. Our Plattsburg water damage experts provide water removal services following:

Floods: Storms sometimes bring heavy rains that cause flash floods near your home or business. Our flood restoration services in Plattsburg, Missouri target your basement, crawlspace, or lowermost part of your property. 

Plumbing problems: Water damage can come from internal sources, like busted pipes or overflowing plumbing fixtures. We quickly remove the water, dry the affected room, and disinfect surfaces. 

When you need emergency water removal in Plattsburg, Missouri, call us as soon as you can. As water seeps deep into the carpet, wood, and other materials, it does more and more damage.

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Mold Remediation Company in Plattsburg, MO

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

Plattsburg. Missouri is known for its continental climate. High humidity almost always accompanies its scorching summers and frigid winters. Therefore, mold remediation is essential for your Plattsburg home or business as a follow-up to water damage restoration.

Mold spores take root and spread within 24 hours after a water damage event. Our technicians can quickly identify the type of mold infiltrating your building and determine an effective eradication approach. They use state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Mold test kits: We collect samples to find out what type of mold might overtake your property. This information helps us choose the most effective course of action. 
  • Air scrubbers: Our scrubbers pull filthy, contaminated air into their systems and filter pollutants from the air before returning it. 
  • Dehumidifiers: Sometimes, excess moisture lingers in the air even after water damage cleanup in Plattsburg, MO. Our technicians briefly install dehumidifiers to pull the moisture out of the room and ensure your building remains mold-free. 
  • HEPA filtration systems: We equip our scrubbers with powerful HEPA filters to eliminate 99% of the pollutants plaguing your indoor air.

Sewage Clean-Up & Drying Services in Plattsburg, MO

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Some Plattsburg property owners face health concerns following a plumbing mishap, like black or gray water. Black water comes from fixtures like toilets and contains nasty waste products that can spread diseases. Gray water rises from tub or sink drains and contains wastewater. 

Our sewage clean-up process helps you get back to normal in six simple steps:

  1. Our technicians spray the first disinfectant application. The formula kills microbes that would otherwise flourish. 
  2. Next, we use a vacuum to remove the wastewater. Our industry-leading equipment sucks up the leftover wastewater. 
  3. After eliminating most of the water, we get rid of the carpet and padding beneath it. Once black or gray water infiltrates your home in Plattsburg, Missouri, you typically can’t restore it. 
  4. Then, it’s time to steam clean the affected surfaces. Our steamers refresh and restore the salvageable materials. 
  5. No sewage mitigation service is complete without a second disinfectant application. Any lingering bacteria won’t last much longer. 
  6. Finally, our technicians place drying and air-purifying equipment throughout the affected areas. The last step of water damage restoration in Plattsburg, MO is ensuring the space thoroughly dries. 

Common Causes of Carpet Water Damage

In addition to water emergencies like flooding from heavy rainstorms, there are many potential causes of carpet water damage. Leaking or overflowing appliances, such as a broken water heater, are actually the number one cause of major property damage. Here are some other things that can result in indoor water damage.

Water Removal Services in Plattsburg, MO

Contact Power Dry online or at 913-243-2131 whenever you need water damage restoration in Plattsburg, MO. We provide Plattsburg water damage repair for residential and commercial buildings throughout the area with a thorough process that leaves no stone unturned. 

Learn more about our water damage restoration services in Plattsburg, MO.

Why Plattsburg, MO Residents Choose Power Dry

If your property has been affected by water damage from major storms, plumbing leaks, or overflowing appliances, it is in your best interest to contact a professional water damage restoration company right away. The longer water sits on your property, the more damage can occur. To restore your property and prevent secondary damage like mold growth, contact Power Dry for a free assessment. We Turn Chaos into Calm™.

What Our Water Damage Customers Are Saying...

Deb K
Deb K
Gardener, KS
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This is the team to get when you have water damage! They showed up within an hour of initial call to analyze and provide plan. They immediately started service after our approval. Every day they called and checked on the drying equipment they set up. They even called Saturday to see if they could stop in on Sunday! Amazing! If you need water removal, this place should be your professionals!
Sharla S
Sharla S
Kansas City
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Power Dry came out within an hour after me calling (it was not an emergency) and provided excellent service. I was very impressed with their professionalism. Highly recommend!
David L.
David L.
Olathe, KS
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I just had a great experience with Power Dry! Their response time was incredibly fast! The work was completed much faster than I expected. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and friendly. The price for their services was more than fair. The quality of their work is great! I highly recommend using Power Dry.
Pat C
Pat C
Kansas City
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Very professional and kind during a stressful time for our family. I hope we don’t need to use their services again, but if we do we will not hesitate to have them help us out again.