Water Damage Mission Hills, KS

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Mission Hills, KS Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is time-sensitive. If not handled quickly, indoor moisture can create intense humidity and wreak havoc on your comfort, air quality, and safety. Not to mention, damp floors, walls, and furniture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. 

Don’t stress about your property’s water damage. Power Dry provides residential and commercial properties with industry-leading processes that minimize damage and expedite your home’s renovation.  

Our technicians utilize elite technology—like industrial vacuums, fans, and cleaning solutions—to revive your property to its pre-loss condition. Contact a reliable and honest water restoration company to revive your home or business today. Let our team provide the professional service you need when unforeseen situations occur. Call (913) 780-2444 to schedule a free inspection of your water damage. 

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Mold Removal & Remediation Services in Mission Hills, KS


If you notice mold anywhere on your property, don’t hesitate—contact a qualified water damage restoration and mold remediation company right away. The longer mold remains, the higher the risk of further damage to your property and serious health consequences from mold exposure. You should be aware that mold can grow just 24-48 hours after a water damage emergency.

Trust the certified team at Power Dry for all your mold remediation needs. We provide water removal, drying and dehumidification, and thorough mold removal and remediation to return your property to its pre-loss condition. If you suspect mold but cannot see it, we will conduct a mold and moisture inspection to identify its source and seal off the contaminated areas to prevent it from spreading. We then clean and sanitize all affected areas and clean the air with professional-grade machines and air scrubbers with HEPA filtration systems. Once this process is complete, we make sure to address any remaining moisture issues to prevent mold regrowth and further damage to your property.

When you need mold remediation in Mission Hills, KS, rely on the experienced technicians at Power Dry, available 24/7.

Sewage Clean-Up & Drying Services

When the pipes in your home or business burst, contact the team of technicians at Power Dry for immediate waste damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and drying services. Our process kills any microbes that may damage your property and endanger your family. We provide fast sewage clean-up, burst pipe, and water damage mitigation services in the Kansas City area. 

Sewage Clean-Up & Drying Process 

  • Step 1: Apply the initial disinfectant.
  • Step 2: Extract sewage.
  • Step 3: Remove and dispose of carpet and pad.
  • Step 4: Steam clean the floor.
  • Step 5: Apply the final disinfectant.
  • Step 6: Install drying equipment and air cleaner. 

Our business is successful because we truly care about every customer. Learn more about our water damage removal and restoration services today. 

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Negative Effects Of Water Damage in Your Home

In minutes, water can have several disastrous and lasting impacts on your home. In addition to soiled wood and walls, water in a flooded house can destroy documents and photographs, and cause structural damage. 

Read on to learn more about the negative effects of water damage. 

Devalued Property

Water damage is extremely difficult to hide. Although water stains can be painted over, other signs of destruction like cracked walls and odors may be harder to conceal. These effects can and will likely turn potential buyers away. 

Structural Damage

Depending on the amount of water, the foundation of your home may be damaged after a flood. In addition, split masonry and deteriorating subfloor may contribute to unsafe living conditions. To ensure your commercial or residential property doesn’t have structural issues, contact a specialist to evaluate your property. 

Damaged Personal Items

Unfortunately, water-damaged personal items like written documents, books, videos, and photographs may not be salvageable; but an experienced water restoration company may be able to help. 

Electrical Damage

Electrical systems that have been impacted by floodwater are extremely hazardous. Be sure to turn off all electrical components and keep your family and pets away from standing water. 

Avoid contact with the following electrical components:

  • Wiring
  • Outlets
  • Electrical boxes (other than to turn off the power)

You may also want to avoid the following appliances: 

  • Washing machines
  • Hot water tanks
  • Dryers
  • Low-mounted electrical outlets
  • Kitchen appliances

Wall Drying Services

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If not addressed immediately, indoor humidity can wreak havoc on your comfort, air quality, and safety. Damp floors, walls, and cabinetry can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Ensure your residence is properly repaired from flood damage or appliance overflows with Power Dry Wall Drying Services.  

When your walls are damaged by water, we’re proactive and efficient. Below we’ve listed the standard process of drying water-saturated walls:

  1. Locate and mark wet areas
  2. Dislodge molding and baseboards
  3. Remove insulation and wallboards
  4. Start wall drying with state-of-the-art Dri-Force machines
  5. Use a meter to monitor moisture

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Mission Hills Water Removal Services

For over 34 years, Power Dry has provided top-tier water removal and drying services in Mission Hills. We’re an experienced water removal company that specializes in appliance leaks and burst pipes clean up as well as flood damage cleanup. 

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