kansas insurance ce classes

Do You Need Continuing Education Classes?

Insurers in the Kansas area need to periodically go back to school to ensure that their credentials and knowledge are up to date. We offer a range of CE classes for insurance agents in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Not sure how to get the credits you need to continue to offer excellent service? We have options that fit your busy schedule.

Classes at Power Dry

If you are a solo agent or if your agency requires that you get your CE credits independently, we have you covered. Our classes include everything you need to keep in compliance and keep your knowledge up so that you can continue to give your clients the highest standards of service. Our in-house classes include the following:


We have a one-hour class titled “Trust Begets Confidence” that we offer at least once a month. We also have a two-hour ethics class available that covers ethics in the workplace.

P&C and L&H

Ensure that you can give our clients the best advice about end of life arrangements with our two-hour class Probate and Estate Planning class. We also offer a number of L&H classes, which include:

  • Pensions, Retirement and elder Care
  • Analysis of a Death Claim
  • Who Has It? Who Wants It? Who Gets It?

Classes at Your Location

If you operate an insurance agency, one of the great perks you can offer your agents is classes on-site. By letting them get their credentials updated in-house, you can assure that everyone on your staff is in compliance while making it easier on your valued employees.

Our skilled and entertaining instructors come to your location to give classes at a time that is convenient for you. Lunch & Learn sessions include classes like:

  • Ethics in the insurance World
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Midwest Weather Catastrophes
  • Water Loss Coverage Claims and Prevention

We offer lunches from crowd favorites that include Jimmy John’s, Panera Bread and local favorite Minsky’s Pizza. It can be hard to attract and keep the best employees. A pleasant and educational CE class that you host is a great way to show your valuable employees that you care about their convenience and their success.

Insurance agents looking for continuing education in Kansas City have great options at Power Dry. Contact us today to see which classes fit your schedule and your needs.