gray & black water removal

What It Means When You Have Water Damage

It’s rare to come out of a flooding emergency without some sort of damage. When we do emergency water removal in Kansas City, our clients are left with one of three levels of water damage in their homes. The levels you may have to deal with and what’s involved include:

Clean Water

This sort of water incursion can occur when a pipe bursts or an appliance leaks water onto the floor. This is typically the easiest type of water damage to correct. In most cases, no or few microbes are in the water. When you have clean water in your home, the biggest risks and clean-up are associated with damage occurring because of dampness. This can include swelling particle board and drywall. If water stands for a number of days without drying, however, you can wind up with problems with mold or bacteria growth.

Gray Water

Gray water includes water that comes down a sink or is expelled from a washing machine during use. It is not clean water, but it might have minor contaminants such as sweat, detergents and small amounts of food. Gray water incursions must be dealt with as soon as possible. Because of the nutrients in the water, mold and fungus can grow far more quickly. It is important to start clean-up right away and to dispose of any contaminated materials.

Black Water

Black water refers to water damage that is the result of flood waters and sewage seeping into the home. Because of the high bacterial load, it is imperative to deal with this sort of water damage immediately. In most cases, you will not be able to clean rugs or upholstery that have been contaminated with black water. Because of the degree of contamination, materials with black water damage must be removed. It is vital to get professional help with a black water situation; the potential for the transmission of disease makes this sort of water too dangerous for individuals to handle on their own. It is important to note that “black water” and “gray water” are not terms that describe the color of the water. These are just terms that describe the level of contamination that may exist in the home.

If you need emergency water removal in Kansas City, it is vital to get help as soon as possible. The longer that standing water remains in your home, the more severe the damage will be. We are available 24 hours a day to help remediate water damage. Contact us to get a free assessment.